Gavin Maloney Farewell

Gavin Maloney says farewell to Mullingar Choral Society

The Christmas concert on 8 December, 2013 was Gavin Maloney’s last appearance as Principal Guest Conductor with MCS. To mark the occasion, a presentation was made to Gavin prior to the concert.

Presentation to Gavin Maloney (1) 8 Dec 2013

In the course of the presentation, MCS President Liam Hughes thanked Gavin for all his guidance and inspiration.  He said: “We have fond memories of a very productive association and we will continue to follow your ascending star with keen interest.”

In a subsequent communication addressed to the choir, Gavin said:

“I write to express my deep gratitude for your parting gifts. I am touched by your generosity. As the proud possessor of a stunning piece of Mullingar pewter, I now have a permanent reminder of my time with the choir. But the gift which means most to me was given not before, but during last Sunday’s concert. I have never felt your presence in performance quite like it, and I’ve been left with a memory to cherish. May you continue to brighten the lives of all who come to hear you sing, and of every person who has the privilege of standing before you as your conductor.”


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